Join The Thread Of History
At America's Oldest Synagogue

Celebrate Your Special Day
In Our Magnificent, Historic Sanctuary

 Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, Baby Namings, Aufrufs, Renewal of Vows

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Standing under the chuppa, the traditional wedding canopy with their
parents, couples exchange their vows at Touro Synagogue in our
magnificent 18th century sanctuary. As they join the thread of
history at America's oldest synagogue, couples embrace their Jewish
heritage while reaffirming our colonial forefather's commitment to
religious liberty for all. At the conclusion of the ceremony,
the bridegroom shatters a wine glass with his foot, symbolizing
the irrevocability of the marriage covenant, as the audience
stands and shouts "mazel tov."

Jewish couples have wed at Touro Synagogue ever since
Reverend Isaac Touro, the first spiritual leader of the congregation,
married Reyna Hays at the synagogue in 1773. Today, young couples
from all across America come to celebrate their nuptials at Touro,
including the joyful young couple below, smashing the wine glass.


Touro Wedding